Wonderful Links 

The Rose Circle Mentoring Network provides training for people who are feeling moved to offer some time and attention to a relationship with a youth.  “What about the uneasy feeling I have when face to face with a youth?” An innovative approach is provided that asks you to come into the moment with a young person and let the space between inform you as to what should be done or said.  Whether it’s a mentor moment or a longer more formal relationship, noticing what can be offered to a family member, a friend’s child or the kid down the block can be the opening for something entirely new in your life and for the child.
How to be Alone – a wonderful video made by a teen

The Millionth Circle is an international Initiative seeding, creating and nurturing women’s circles.

Jeff Foster is offering signposts to who we really are. Enjoy his down-to-earth approach to basic principles of this Life.

“Being here really is just the invitation to rest as Being. There is nothing you have to do. It is not an invitation to become. You will not be scrutinized, your actions compared with those of others. That’s just unicorn food. Let your river flow as it pleases. Simply observe and recognise that all is unfolding spontaneously when that inner journalist- the ego, is exposed as a myth.”  Enjoy the many You Tubes of Mooji – a delightful soul speaking to who we are.